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 Site Safety, Risk Management, Quality Control, Emergency Response and Project Management Personnel.

Specializing in Oil and Gas, Wind Energy, Wind Turbine Composite repair, Commercial Construction, Power Plant Shut-Downs, Substation & Distribution, Pharmaceutical. 

Turnkey Safety Staffing Solutions:

  • Eagle Energy Holdings offers turnkey, scalable staffing solutions that allow you to focus on your core operations. 
  • When you outsource your site Safety Quality Control, and Project Management personnel needs to Eagle Energy Holdings, it allows you to concentrate on your business without depleting your resources.
  • We offer a national network of Safety Professionals who have been pre-screened and are ready to work- and a proven track record of placing safety professionals who align with client's goals keeping ROI in mind.
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Wind Energy Techs
We Provide Quality Commssioners,  Technical Field Advisors, Quality Control Techs, Site Safety Personnel, Blade Techs, Service Techs, Retrofit Installations and Changeouts 
Energy Lineman & Emergency Services
Disasters, Floods, Spills, Fires, Attacks, Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Response, Repairs and new Installs
Wind Industry Training Center
We are implementing a new Working at Heights Mobile Training Center to provide Industry Training for your Field Sites and onsite locational needs. 
Safety Staffing and Training
Safety Auditing, Safety Staffing, Safety Training, Safety Counsulting
Quality Control
Quailty Assurance, Risk Management, Field Audits, Surveillances
Blade Laminations, Repairs & Retrofits
Blade Fiber Glass repairs, delamination repair, Core Repairs 

Our Core Services

Crane Services

Crane Services, Crane operator, Crane Rental.

Wind Energy 

Installation Techs, Commissioners, Field Technical Advisors, Quality Assurance, Safety Inspections and Management , Onshore and Offshore

Oil & Gas

Installation Engineers, Quality Inspectors, Field Operations, Onshore and Offshore

Solar Energy

Clean and Solar Energy Installations, Inspections, Repair Technicians  

Safetey Professionals

Safety Consultants, Safety Training, Onsite Safety Observers, Safety Programs, Safety Inspectors

Power & Energy

Energy Field Workers, Energy Lineman, Groundman, Energy Emergency Services


Question and Answer:

Need to Mitigate Costs & Risks that come with Hiring Permanent Personnel?

We help you save money and time. Hiring Temporary Construction Contractors directly in the Construction Industry costs a lot and can cost you in the long term. Demand ebbs and flows as the seasons go by, so it is better to have the staff you  need when you need it. We help you adjust quicker when construction jobs fluctuate, so you are always prepared. If you need additional workers or need to release a worker, your individual account manager will take care of it for you.

Need Construction Saffing Quickly?

We constantly recruit the best and brightest construction contractors the industry has to offer so you can always rest assured your project will be finished jost the way you want. Weather you are looking for skilled labor immediately or for a scheduled project for hire in Florida, Louisiana, Iowa, Texas, or North Carolina. Eagle Energy Holdings  can mobilize our staff anywhere in the world as your trusted labor Contractor.

Do We Provide Turnkey Trained Workers?

With our Professional Staffing Contracting, you have access to skilled craftsmen with a variety of experience levels ranging from apprentice to journeyman to master. With a database containing more that 3500 craftsmen, we can find the right employee to fit your job. 

Ready to Start Saffing with US?

To get started with our Construction Staffing services, you can go to our Contact US webpage or call our Toll Free number at the top of our website to register.  There is no cost to get your company registered with us and our service agreement and credit application are simple forms that can be completed in minutes. Even after your paperwork is completed, you are under no obligation.

Latest News about our Industry

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Wind Energy

The Global Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance market size is projected to reach 419.4 Billion by 2025, in comparision to 2022. Onshore is projected to record 15% increase and reach 286.5 Billion and the  Offshore segment is readjusted to a revised 16.5% for the next period. In 2023 the US market is estimated at 41.7 Billion. 

Electrical Contractors

There are reports of a shortage of Electrical Construction Contract workers. According to the latest survey from Associated General Contractors of America, some 83% of construction firms are having trouble finding qualified workers. 

Man working for solar panels and wind turbines - Renewable energy concept - Focus on male worker hands
Solar Energy

The Solar market is expected to grow by 7.43 Billion, at a 17.28% during the forecast period. The growing competition in the market is compelling venders to adopt various growth strategies to improve the visibility of their services. North America will account for 37% of market growth. There will be a large increase for demand in 2023.

energy-quality inspectors
Quality Inspectors

The growing demand for Quality Assurance will propel the quality market. Digital transformation is being applied in almost every organization owing to the growing need for Quality Inspectors. The Quality Assurance maket size was escalated to 4.56 Billion in 2022, with a potential to reach over 10.98 Billion by 2025 with a growth of 13.39% during the forecast period.


Powerline Energy

Most transformers now in operation in the United States are near or past their designed lifetimes; extreme storms are hitting grid infrastructure harder, depleting transformer reserves; disrupted supply lines for components, doubling delivery times in some cases. North American utilities bought 1,200 transformers in 2022. The estimated demand in 2023 will be more than double that amount.

Energy Safty

Safety Personnel

The Industrial Safety Market reached 3.46 Billion in 2022 and is expected to record significant growth by reaching 5.68 Billion by 2025, growing at a 7.20% during the forecast period. The US spent 171 Billion on occupational injuries in 2022. The price comprised lost wages, productiveness and administrative, scientific and enterprise expenditures after coverage. The operations may provide the industrial safety industry with some favorable growth prospects.